Parada 23, Nitx de l’art Felanitx

Oportunidad única de ver obras de la serie ‘L’Art Moderne de la brosse avec le bouquet de l’ocre’. 22 de agosto 2014. Nitx de l’art Felanitx. Parada 23


Beginning of November 2009  Rafel M. Creus, director and presenter of the weekly program ‘Enxarxats’ on TV Mallorca interviewed Arti Leimbacher at his home and in the countryside nearby. Follow the interview in three parts below.

Remolino de Electra 2002

When the primitive painter layed down carbon and ferric oxides and swapped the canvas, the cliffs and the caves for a computer and started to draw with the mouse, the first thing he discovered was that he didn’t get any dirty fingers. Soon after that he made another discoverment: On the computer he could give the pictures […]

Panódromo 2002

Performance and installation of the PANODROMO during the ‘Panem et Circenses’ Project of the lacasadelcactus in Binissalem, summer  2002.(clip above taken out of Telecinco,Nosolomusica, Lacasadelcatus en Binissalem)

Remolino de Electra DVD

The highway through ancient times in a whirl of emerging mythology. Arti Leimbachers mouse painted digital motion picture.
Remolino de Electra*
(Fragmentos electrónicos de un viaje a Hiperbórea)