The Andreas Züst Collection

The photographer, artist, scientist and art collector Andreas Züst ( 1947 – 2000) recorded everything  what he was interested in and what he believed that defined his life. Since the late seventies he documented as a photographer and art collector the Zurich cultural life and its extensive connections. The art collection is legendary. It consists of more then 1500 works of over 200 artists and will be shown in a representative exhibition ( Memorizer – Der Sammler Andreas Züst) in the Aargauer Kunsthaus, Switzerland, from 29th of may until 9th of august 2009.

Above: Photographs taken by the late Andreas Züst of Arti Leimbacher’s ‘Sapos’ (Bronce 1995) and two landscapes from the series ‘Últimas noticias del campo’, collection Andreas Züst.