Gent de per Jussana

‘Gent de per Jussana – 100 retrats 99 amics’ . 8th of November until 9th of December 2019. Exhibition at the Església Vella de Ses Salines, Mallorca

Das Versäufnis im WaKuMoMi

Urban Gwerder created the mini-tiny catalogue where he writes:»…Arti kann mit einfachsten Mitteln absolut trefflich gestalten, oft so, dass einem schier der Atem stockt, oder man hüpft vor Freude.

Shitpieces & RealShitplayer

Installation with Shitpieces, a computer with the RealShitplayer* installed, and a tent for the Headquarters Operations Center at the Archipiélago Cactus art part of the ‘Isladencanta’ Festival in Esporles, Majorca, back in 2001. The Shitpieces are pieces of dried sheep dung and painted with lime. My good and very admired friend Mati Klarwein left me […]

Remolino de Electra

The highway through ancient times in a whirl of emerging mythology. Arti Leimbachers Remolino de Electra in Arenas Movedizas, Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos, Gijón, 2002.